09.28.2014 (1)

The Oddball Gay is one slightly awkward and geeky Gay Man’s view on the world.

Why ‘Oddball’, you may ask?

The Oddball Gay is life seen through a somewhat wallfower-esque, informed [relatively], at times tweedy, other times sarcastic 30-something Gay fellow.

A lover of fine BBQ Shapes, destroyer of the French language, connoisseur of  bad pulpy Sci-fi novels, savant of Star Trek lore and admirer of Mid-Century furniture and aesthetics, the Oddball Gay is a look at the Gay world and beyond by one average-sized, average-build, non BB/Wired/Nsa local fellow. A fellow who loves nothing more than writing, taking pictures, playing the odd bit of MMORPG and self-effacing running commentaries.

Selling replica furniture by day, and moonlighting as one half of Gentlementakepictures by night, Mr Viscontini’s aim is to illuminate all those around him with his at times geeky and non-sensical rhetoric, thoughts and yes maybe an inspired opinion or two.


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